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Places to dance (square, line, swing, etc.) [May. 17th, 2012|12:31 pm]
Nashville People


So, a friend and I are looking for places to dance. Square dancing, line dancing, swing or ballroom...not clubbing, in other words.

*Free or cheap is best
*We'd be hard-pressed to find guys to go with us, so places/events where you don't necessarily have to bring a partner
*We don't drink and aren't into nightlife. I think I've heard of line dances at some places down on Broadway, but bars make me nervous.
*For square dancing, the only place I found was a senior center in Murfreesboro, whose website mentioned activities for people 60+. We're missing that by about four decades.
*We're beginners. We have some experience all of the above, but it's variable.
*We currently live five minutes from downtown, but have no problem driving out somewhere.

Does anything exist? My family used to go to a weekly free square dance lesson followed by a dance in Virginia (at a senior center, but it wasn't restricted), and I'd love to find something like that.
I have the nagging feeling I've asked this before, but have search the journal for both keywords and my entries, as well as tags and my memories, but can't find anything.

[User Picture]From: sceneasfuck
2012-05-17 06:41 pm (UTC)
uh my comment was marked as spam because i had links, so let's try this again!

i can't *personally* vouch for this place as i've never been myself, but the long hollow jamboree in gallatin (on long hollow pike) has square dancing every saturday according to their sign :)

the 5 spot in east nashville also has retro dance night on mondays. however, the 5 spot is a bar... i don't remember if it is smoking or not (it is 21+), so you may not be interested in that one.
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