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Westboro Baptist Church at it again [Jul. 10th, 2006|04:10 pm]
Nashville People


Although the request is mainly aimed at the motorcycle crowd, fairly certain the 4 wheeled crowd might want to know about this as well

This here is a press release from the Westboro Baptist Church - aka godhatesfags.com. You may have heard of the Rev Fred Phelps, or his loony followers. They're up to their old antics.

The short of it is on Wednesday July 12th, 2006 they are going to be in Oak Grove / Fort Campbell, KY protesting outside the memorial ceremony of Pvts. Tucker and Menchaca, who you may know as the 2 soldiers who were kidnapped, abducted, taken POW, and then tortured to death, mutilated, and their bodies booby-trapped with explosives. Visual identification of the bodies was impossible, they could only be identified via DNA testing.

Basically the family and friends are going to get to go to the memorial and see signs that their sons died at the hands of an angry god and are now burning in hell.

Should you be interested in doing so, a group called The Patriot Guard Riders will be lining up along Hwy 41 to display flags and otherwise present a non-violent no-sign no screaming counter protest to the Westboro Baptist Church.

The original message from Nashville Riders follows

Passing this on from the Patriot Guard for your consideration . . .
Contact: 931-797-1814 (Kenny)

Wednesday, July 12th

Honor those who protect and die for our rights!

Be in attendance to honor our Heroes and comfort the families. T
his one is REALLY IMPORTANT FOLKS. Please try to be ther to participate!
The Patriot Guard Riders will be staging at the Oak Grove American
Legion at 4:30 PM on Wed July 12th. Take I-24 west to Exit 86 (Oak Grove KY US Hwy 41A), turn left at the end of the ramp and follow US 41a south
approximately 2 miles. The Legion will be on your right directly across from Wal-mart at the north outskirts of town.

The Patriot Guard will be lining up along Hwy 41a to display flags in
support of the soldiers and families of Ft Campbell. A Kansas based
hate group has announced their intent to be present and our intention is
show up in large numbers that will convey overwhelming support. Please bring as many flags as you can, but no signs..we will not dignify or recognize their presence in any manner.

At approximately 6:30pm we will regroup and attend the on post for a
Remembrence Ceremony that honors all the members of the 101st who were killed in action the previous month.

The list for June is pretty long. The Ceremony should end around 9pm.
Anyone riding on Post to the actual ceremony (post regulations) will need the following safety equipment:

DOT helmet, faceshield or goggles(sunglasses not acceptable) full finger gloves, over the ankle boots, long sleeve shirt, refelctive belt or vest. Drivers Lic with motorcycle endorsement, registration, and proof of insurance.

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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: mildlydisturbed
2006-07-11 05:24 am (UTC)
Evidently it doesn't matter if you're on 2 wheels or 4 wheels for the Patriot Guard... just had not read that before
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[User Picture]From: dudeitsawesome
2006-07-10 09:46 pm (UTC)
Ah yes. Westboro Baptist Church = Fred Phelps' family and that's it (no kidding).
I went to a counterdemonstration against the WBC back in 2004. It was kinda funny -- there were like 12 of them and about 300 of us.
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[User Picture]From: dariens_haircut
2006-07-11 07:34 am (UTC)
It is a quandary.
They are so hateful.
Yet, that is why they are there.
They want somebody to pull something so that they can sue.
That is their revenue model.
It is just an elaborate scam.
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[User Picture]From: uhohlissa
2006-07-10 10:18 pm (UTC)
I love it when people stand up against idiots like this. I don't know where in their Bible it says that this type of behavior is appropriate in ANY way; it is not only childish and a waste of time, but also morally reprehensible. These people are not Christians; although my mom always told me that we cannot judge another person's faith, I can tell you that there is no way on earth that Fred Phelps has ANY sort of grasp on the Christian faith whatsoever. I hope he has a lot of information about the "hell" that he claims the fags and soldiers are going to, because he's going to spend a very long time there.
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[User Picture]From: byron
2006-07-11 04:41 am (UTC)
Trust me....these people are not Christians. They are not even Baptists. They are a hate group operating under the guise of a church.
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[User Picture]From: wishfulstar
2006-07-10 10:37 pm (UTC)
I wish I was on a bike. :/ I'll spread the word.
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[User Picture]From: blush10ac
2006-07-10 11:58 pm (UTC)
Thank you for passing this on
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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
From: (Anonymous)
2006-07-11 01:34 am (UTC)

The Fredheads

I'm from Topeka where this cult originates and around here they have become nothing more than part of the background and that's what pisses them off.

Fred is a latent homosexual who craves attention and really hates what he is so he projects it on the rest of the world.

We can only hope that when he passes on that his cult will do so as well.

Not everyone from here is as messed up as them.
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From: _s_k_i_p_
2006-07-11 01:35 am (UTC)

Jerry Falwell said the same thing days after 9/11..

How come nobody is protesting him and the rest of the Christian right?

Many in the evangelical Christian right believe the same thing. Pat Robertson just nodded away while Falwell was spouting off.

"I really believe that the Pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians, ... the ACLU, People For the American Way - all of them who have tried to secularize America - I point the finger in their face and say 'you helped this [terrorist attack] happen." Jerry Falwell, 700 Club, 2001-SEP-13.
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-07-11 01:45 am (UTC)

Re: Jerry Falwell said the same thing days after 9/11..

We need Shock and Awe against these a-holes... if you ever have one of these in the northeast, give a shout!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: (Anonymous)
2006-07-11 02:24 am (UTC)

Dumb Four Wheeled Question

This may sound dumb, but are those of us with a lousy inner ear who require four wheels doing anything against these nutbags, or do we just tag along with the cool kids?
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[User Picture]From: mildlydisturbed
2006-07-11 04:29 am (UTC)

Re: Dumb Four Wheeled Question

Dunno, call that number - I just was contacted as I have 2 wheels... I'm sure there're other orgs that protest him, this is just the one I came across..
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-07-11 02:59 am (UTC)
(Reply) (Thread)
From: (Anonymous)
2006-07-11 03:34 am (UTC)
Fark.com just picked up this announcement.
Your counter protest should pick up now.
I agree that the Westboro Baptist Church members are a disgrace. And yes, I'm a Christian.
A Christian who listens to punk rock music, thinks homosexuals deserve the same rights as heteros, and doesn't believe that God is a hateful and spiteful asshole.
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[User Picture]From: mildlydisturbed
2006-07-11 04:31 am (UTC)
I'm the submitter ;)
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[User Picture]From: keepsilence
2006-07-11 03:51 am (UTC)
I am sure that everyone has heard this one before...but being Christian just by going to chruch is very much the equivalent of standing in a garage and being a car. What you call yourself doesn't matter so much as what you do, which is really what counts.

I'm not sure how I feel about the war, whether I am for or against. But these are PEOPLE and these people are DEAD. Show some respect or F**K OFF.

I love the statement that the Patriot Guard Riders have on their page;

We don’t care what you ride, what your political views are, or whether you’re a "hawk" or a "dove". It is not a requirement that you be a veteran. It doesn't matter where you’re from or what your income is. You don’t even have to ride. The only prerequisite is Respect.

Heartfelt cheers for these folks.
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[User Picture]From: subdermal
2006-07-11 05:52 am (UTC)
If I wasn't halfway around the world I'd be there, best of luck with this. Maybe we'll all get lucky and Phelps will 'fall' under a wheel.
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[User Picture]From: dariens_haircut
2006-07-11 01:03 pm (UTC)
Gratifying though the thought may be, there is probably nothing that would give Phelps a bigger woody than to be martyred for his cause. Religious extremism is like that.

The world is seriously messed up.
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-07-11 05:53 am (UTC)

Just So's You Know

They don't represent Christians.

Speaking as one who is a Christian who works with many Christian organizations, they don't represent what other Christians believe or what Jesus taught. I for one, apoligize for their insulting and disrespectful manner.

Truth and love go together like peas & carrots. :)
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From: ilovetangerines
2006-07-11 06:08 am (UTC)
I saw this via fark.com, but I'm all the way in jersey and have no family to speak of in your area to help with this get-together.
Well, my heart and hopes go out to all of you who are going against them.
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