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nashvillians's Journal

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Nashville People
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Community of Nashville locals
Welcome to a community for all things Nashville. Get to know some other local LJ-ers, make some friends, share the places to see and be seen around town! Feel free to announce local events; offer up goods and services (but don't go overboard, this isn't Craiglist); tell us about an awesome local business you visited or utilized; ask members who's the best doctor or plumber or taco truck. Pretty much anything you might want to share or find out about this fair city, just feel free to put it here. But we are a pretty active group so try to reserve "chatty for the sake of chatty" entries for more social based communities or your own journals.

We only have one rule: Just say no to spam! Advertising things pertaining to or happening in Nashville are just fine. Advertising national brands/acts/products/etc. that have nothing to do with Nashville are not.
Example: Advertising an album release for a popular national band not based in Nashville - Not OK. Advertising an event (CD release party, concert, etc.) going on in Nashville for said popular national band - OK.
Another example: Advertising a sale or promotional event at a local store - OK. Advertising a sale or promotional event at a national chain - Not OK.
Yard sales, personal items up for sale locally (such as craigslist ads), promotion of local events, etc. are all OK. If you're not sure if your ad will be acceptable or not, feel free to message the maintainer of the community before posting. Posts that are determined spam will be deleted and marked as spam. If your user account is determined to be a spam account, your posting access and membership will be removed from the community and you will be banned from posting here.

If you're new to Nashville or just visiting and looking for some info, some good places to start:
Nashville's Citysearch site for finding restaurants, bars, shopping, events, etc.
Nashville Scene site nifty free magazine you see around town with off the wall columns, reviews, local events, etc.
Nashville's Craigslist site for all the things Craigslist does best.

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